Performer, songwriter, composer, musician, singer, actor, speaker, producer, director, and educator – that’s a lot of titles! All of them have been worn at some point by Jim Achilles in his long and varied career.

Born to a professional jazz musician and a teacher, Jim began performing on stage at age 5. By age 12 he had sung professionally for children’s recordings in Los Angeles and performed extensively singing jazz with his father in concerts across America. He adapted quickly to other roles on stage—dramas, musicals, and even working as a magician throughout high school and college. In the mean time he picked up the trombone and the guitar and graduated from CSUSB with a BA in music education.

Bear Creek Speak 2But more than a musician and actor, Jim is a storyteller, a speaker, a communicator with a message. Whether addressing community organizations as a representative of the A-T Children’s Project ( or speaking at an event sponsored by the Joni and Friends Disability Ministry, or even giving the Sunday morning sermon in church, Jim’s words bring hope, comfort, and inspiration to his listeners.

As a director and educator, Jim has led choirs of all ages and church worship music programs throughout California ( with a wide variety of singers and musicians in places as far away as Bashkortostan and Cape Town. He now directs the Band and Chorus program at Bear River School in Wheatland, CA.

Taylor 7 ReducedJim loves songs and performances that display unique creativity and high emotional impact—that, and stuff that’s just plain funny and entertaining. He has a firm belief that it’s not only possible to entertain audiences without dragging them through the mud, it’s the best way.